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Live Session #1: Big Picture Banjo

Your first interactive workshop will show you how to ZOOM OUT and gain perspective on your BANJO JOURNEY so you can GET UNSTUCK and learn HOW TO IMPROVE FASTER and with LESS EFFORT.  The WHOLE VISION is introduced in this session...

Workshop Dates

Live Session #2: Atomic Power

A systematic approach to ORGANIZING and SIMPLIFYING musical concepts so you can begin to MITIGATE THE CONFUSION and actually start RELAXING and EXPRESSING YOURSELF through your music.         SIMPLE = POWERFUL

The Official Companion Workbook:

Breakthrough Banjo Workshop Series

Live Session #3: 5 String Survival Guide

You can survive (and thrive!) in the musical wilderness, by

practicing the art of 'BANJOCRAFT'; allowing you to get the most from the least in ANY musical situation.

Let's talk about it...


Practical (and philosophical) advice for the SELF-GUIDED BANJO PRACTITIONER.

How to sift through the ENDLESS STREAM of BANJO LESSONS and CREATE A PERSONALIZED PLAN specifically designed to bring you the BANJO BREAKTHROUGHS you're seeking.